how to display data from variables made in a blueprint through a UMG

Hello guys,
I have a blueprint created form a static mesh and I’ve added some variables on it like “Name,Description, Expiry date, etc” and i made these variables public to be able to edit those variables from within the editor.

My problem here is that I want to create an event as when touching and clicking on this mesh i want to display these data on a UMG in the 3D infront of this Mesh,
and to to mention i want to use this mesh (Blueprint) multiple times and each BP has it’s own “editable” Values to be displayed on the UMG !
and I’m using the DATASMITH Preview product Template and using the BP_motion controller in it, so there is no “Player character” as all i’ve seen that people cast to player character to bind the UMG and cast it to the player character and only to display it in the viewport … the case here i want to display it in 3D just to get the info inside the BP I’ve made.

And Here’s some of my work to clarify what I’ve done here please help me figure this out, Thanks everyone

If you’re wanting the widget to be floating next to the actor, it would be easier to have the widget in the actor’s blueprint. Therefore you won’t need to cast to anything outside that actor.

All you’d need to do is at BeginPlay, set the values of your textboxes using the variables you have set to exposed.

Example blueprint: