How to display a UserWidget at a specific location within an Animation (Vehicle template)?

I am trying to position a button User Widget relative to a VehiclePawn (Unreal Vehicle template). When done correctly, the button will be visible within the dashboard at a specific location. And one should be able to click the button to start the vehicle.

Beyond the location (x,y) and scale, there does not seem to be anyway to position the userwidget relative to a Pawn(in my case, it is the Sedan Vehicle ). Any suggestions to resolve this is much appreciated.

Did you try adding the widget component in your vehicle Blueprint and set the Spacing to Screen? This should help you get a 3D widget in world.

I tried to add the Button UserWidget as suggested using Spacing to screen, and still, it does not position it at the desired spot. After adding the user widget to the viewport, how do you change its position such that it stays at a fixed point relative to the vehicle’s dashboard? It should not move. I tried another approach of attaching to skeleton, but it does not show up in the Asset list to attach to socket. I wonder how to solve this issue!