How to disable all movement on 3rd person character and activate the mouse interaction for menus?

When I press a key a menu comes up for character modification. What I would like to do is disable all 3rd person character inputs (mouse look, movement, jump, etc.) and only allow mouse interaction to work with my GUI. What’s the best way to set that up?


In the player controller, set show cursor true.

And in the input handler code, check if the menu is up. If it’s up, ignore the input.

I myself moved all input handling to the PlayerController like in the UT4 code instead of doing it in the Pawn, so it’s easy for me to check all of those things in one place.

Perfect, thanks!

If you’re using UMG you can use Set Input UI Only or something to that effect.

I might want to look into that. I kind of want to avoid doing that though in case I have some in game actions I want to be able to do even when the inventory is up.