How to disable all angular velocity damping/clamping?

In 5.0.2, I am trying to implement a “heavy” object that takes a lot of force to rotate that should be able to rotate slowly. My object is in an empty void of space, has 0 angular damping, and stabilization is disabled.

When applying a large (relative to mass) force, the object accelerates and continues to rotate at a constant rate after the force is removed, as expected. However, when applying a relatively small force, only a slight nudge is produced each tick and rotation stops when the force is removed. A similar behavior occurs when setting angular velocity directly – a small velocity nudges then gets discarded each tick. Additionally, when setting a somewhat small velocity that does produce constant rotation it also gets zeroed after applying a small force in the same direction.

I have been able to produce slow rotations by manually managing velocity and setting rotation directly but this creates conflicts with using physics simulation.

I assume I will have to modify the engine source to change this behavior but I have not been able to find where this zeroing is occurring.

Any help on implementing slow, physics-based rotations would be appreciated.