How to determine where to move a parent actor in order to align a child actor to another transform location?

![alt text][2]

I have a parent actor, with a child attached to it. Could anyone be so kind to give me some assistance for working out where to move the parent actor in order to align it’s child to a specified transform location. For example, the child actor may change position in relation to it’s parent, how would I move the parent so that the child is always in the centre of the screen?

Many thanks

Many thanks for your speedy reply. In my case, the parent actor is constantly moving and this appears to apply different/inaccurate results using this approach. Can you think of a method that accounts for a freely moving parent actor? (the desired location reference actor is also moving with the parent actor (though it is not a direct child of it). Cheers!

Understood, apologies for the being vague. I’ll return with an small example project soon.