How to detect Different component LineTrace hits on one LineTrace node

Hello. I have an array for my scene components and am casting a line trace for 2 off of one node and I was wondering if it’s possible to know which one has been hit instead of both firing as the same component? Or do I need to make a new line trace for the second component?

hi @Sytrus_1
I am not sure about what you are asking:

When you linetrace , you already checck the return value that states if there is an hit,
you added a print text, you should see 2 text printing,
The loop will call the loop body for index 0 and do a linetrace, and keep on…
than for index 1 again, so you have 2 distinct call, in sequence

Hi, Thanks for the reply! Here’s a link to show more about what I’m talking about. As you can see in the video I’m only getting a value of -1 for both, so there’s no separation from the 2. And I’d like to have that separation so I can control the rotation of each independently.