How to destroy spawned BP?

i spawned a blueprint mesh in my map but i’d like that when i overlap this item it (and only the one i overlap) disappears i tryed many and many ways but it doesn’t want to work. Maybe the problem is that the mesh of bP has Physic activated?i 'm desperately searching for a solution please=( it’s quite frustrating. Thanks for any answer and suggestion.

To destroy an actor you just need a reference to that actor and a ‘Destroy Actor’ node.

where have i to put it?in the screen i oposted you or into the BP?If the answer is the second one it doesn’t work…now i’m gonna test in the upper screen

If you use the blueprint of the screenshot you posted then you have to have a reference to the blueprint you spawned. If you use the Destroy Actor inside the blueprint of the actor you spawned, then the actor to destroy should be self.

it works but i got a prob…it works only for the blueprint i placed manually…for the ones that i spawned it doesnt work=(
basically the problem is that i can t target with destroy actor a mesh with SKELETAL meshes…that is the kind i have

ok i got it working thnks to everyone