How to delay movement comin from a specific controller?


I use the Blackmagic plugin to feed a video comin from a real camera and I must sync it with a cinecamera in Unreal.

The external video feed have some delay (few frames), while the cinecamera in Unreal have an instant response, so the movements doesn’t match.
I’m trying to figured out how to buffer the movements of the controller after an event call (in an array, maybe?), and release in sequence after a given time, but I don’t really know where to start.
Or maybe there is a way to just delay the whole render of Unreal?

Thank you.

can you use a Delay node in a blueprint?
(note, it can’t be in a function, has to be in the EventGraph)

The Delay doesn’t work, because it just start later, but with the same coordinates.

Anyway, I did, using an array of vectors and an array of rotators, I use those arrays as buffer. The engine start. Every tick it store the value in an array of given length. After a certain amount of time it start to read those stored values and pass them to the tracker.

I can keep this array very short, say 50 indices, as the needed delay is under a second.

Could you post a screenshot of your set up for this? I’m trying to do the same thing and struggling.

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