How to define on what hardware a game/app should be installed and running ?

How can I make sure my game/app is allowed to be installed and used only on Samsung Galaxy S6 and up, and other Android phones with similar or better hardware ?

Just trying to avoid situation where people with super basic Android phones install it and then complain it doesn’t run or runs slow or runs and looks corrupted.


Take a look here:

You can also restrict the devices allowed in the developer console.

Thanks. Is there a UI in UE4 to edit manifest file ? Or do I just edit it in Notepad prior to deploying into apk?

I knew about developer’s console in Play Store, but was a horrible chore (last time I checked a few years ago) to find and check/uncheck each device.

The AndroidManifest.xml is generated but there are a few ways to modify it. The Advanced APKPackaging section of Android Project Settings can make additions or you can use AndroidPluginLanguage to do any modification you want.

@motorsep, you can use my plugin for configuring AndroidManifest.xml:

Thanks, I’ll try.