How to "dash-slide" through small gaps?

I want to create an ability similar to Megamans dash-slide, where the player can dash through small gaps that they would not normally be able to fit. The character is 64 pixels tall and the tiles for my map are 32x32 pixels. I tried changing the height of the capsule component when the dash ability is activated, but the results were… ugly. When dashing, the character dips into the ground, and if the player does not make it to the other side of the gap in one dash, the player overlaps the ground and the ceiling. How can I make it so that the character does not dip into the ground, and the game forces the character through the gap before letting it “stand-up”?

I have tried using the collision setting of the sprites themselves, without the capsule component, but the tilemap does not seem to detect sprite/flipbook collisions and just drops the player off the map.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. If this can all be accomplished using only blueprints that would be preferred as I am still learning C++, but if this is something that needs to be written in using C++ I would appreciate any help with that as well.