How to create this Lidar?

I saw this video yesterday on youtube. i have been looking around but found no good awnsers.
I have been using unreal for 2 weeks now so i am pretty good with using the program but i would need some help to create this one.

im pretty sure he uses some particle’s to create this and uses some type of material that change’s color, but im not sure how he did it.

That is done with particles. Its more like snow that is emitted from center.
To make this exactly effect look into GPU particles for unreal.

Because you used “lidar” in name i have suspicious feeling that you want to make something like circular grid material.
That would be done with postprocess. Such radar is done nicely in “Satellite Reign” sadly i cannot find pictures of that.

There are great tutorials on both topics. Follow few of them. When you know basics i can try and explain how that stuff is done.

ok thanks ill check it out! :d