How to create the old school screen position node in U4.23?

The way this shader node used to work, was that it took both the displays and handled them both as “one screen” to create the Screen Position UVs
The new way its working, is that it handles both as their own “screens” and it draws the screen Position for them seperately.
This means that if you have a plane with a Picture and you map its UVs as screen Position, you would see some parts of the Picture twice, but with the old method, you would only be able to see the left half of the Picture with the left eye and the Right side with the Right.
Does anyone know a way to handle both screens as one, just like in the past?
I really Need a way for this in order to create the visuals I am Looking for.
Thanks for the help! Feel free to ask for any additional Details if you Need more!