How to create teams in Unreal Tournament Editor

I’m trying to make a CTF map in Unreal Tournament Editor but the problem is whenever I have my bots spawn regardless of where they spawn on which side, Blue or Red (set with the team 1 and 2 number thingy), and they just go relentless on everyone they see. So I’m assuming that teams aren’t ACTUALLY enabled right now or something, would anyone know how to add in teams? While I’m at it, I also can’t seem to pick up the flags I’ve placed down. If anyone could help me with this I’d appreciate it.

Do you have “game mode” set to CTF in the editor? I think it’s set to Deathmatch by default; thus, possibly explaining all the murder-bots. When you set the mode to CTF, it should fix everything - including the teams. I do know there are several flag meshes. Only a certain few have the blueprints to work the way you want. They are there. Just gotta keep looking ;/ It’s been a long time. I wish I could help navigate you. Sorry!

Yes that’s what I believed there to be, a selection of pre-set gamemodes built into the Unreal Tournament editor that you can change around. However I can’t find such a section that includes the game modes mentioned, would you know where that is?