How to create multiple versions of one mesh and different textures? Coming from Unity

Hello everyone!

I’m really new to Unreal coming from Unity and I was wondering what the typical workflow for this particular task is.

Here’s the thing:
Let’s say I have one simple 1x1 plane mesh and created a wooden floor texture.
Now i wanna use the same mesh with a different (e.g. stone floor texture)
I created a material with a TextureSample and exposed this as parameter. I can now create 2 material instances, assign each to a mesh in my mep and assign the two different textures.

But how do i store these 2 versions in my Content browser if I want, for example, a Wood Kit and a Stone Kit in my contents?

In Unity I would create 2 prefabs out of the two meshes and store them individually.
I know there are Blueprints in Unreal but they seem really powerful. I could do it this way, but is that the proper way to do it?
Doesn’t a Blueprint come with a lot of overhead? would end up

A rule of thumb of Unity was to create a Prefab out of everything. Does the same apply for Blueprints?

Thanks for helping out in advance!

I believe you’re talking about material instancing (I have almost no time in Unity so apologies if this is not what you mean). UE4 has some good documentation on these Here and Here.