How to create interactive scenery with Unreal Engine?

I’d like to get some advice on creating an interactive scenery. It’s not quite a game but a scene that contains a background like a room, household objects like furniture, lights, etc. The scenery’s lighting should change as the user’s locale time changes from morning to afternoon to evening to night. There should be some minor random changes to the scenery, like shadows, birds, or wind. I’d like to give the user the ability to shift the view slightly, moving forward or backward or sideways. Finally I’d like there to be a few musical tracks in the background that would cycle and play randomly.

The final effect would be something like – Just a very nice thing to keep playing on a screen or a TV.

So I think we’d need to create the background and digitize the assets for the scene. Then what do we need to do to create this “interactive” scenery?

Thank you!