How to create instances of sublevel in multiplayer game?

I am sorry that posting this not on, i get some error when trying to log in.

Hi, i’m trying to generate a map with rooms. I decided to store every room in sublevel, so i can bake light for each of them and then place them in persistent level. While generating i’m creating some copies of each sublevel. In singleplayer it’s ok, but in multiplayer players disconnects for some reason. I was using both “Create instance / Load Level Instance” functions to place sublevels, but both of them dont fix it.

As i understand the problem is here:

" LogPlayerController: Warning: ServerUpdateLevelVisibility() ignored non-existant package ‘/Game/Maps/Medieval/SubLevel_Instance1’ "

After which i get:

“LogNet: UNetConnection::Close: …”
“LogNet: NetworkFailure: ConnectionLost, Error: ‘Your connection to the host has been lost.’”

Looks like server is trying to find instance of sublevel on disk but of course cant.
Is there a way to fix it, or may be another way to spawn rooms with baked lighting?(I need to bake rooms in unreal, as I am constantly changing something)

Try with Streaming Levels. But I’m unsure if Unreal can handle players in different levels.

thanks for reply, i’m already using them, but as i mentioned above there is some problem with disconnect when i’m trying to place them