How to create infinitely looping train?

this guy here actually got this working but he never posted anything about it, so could someone help me create the same effect except that it’s the player that’s walking inside the train, so it should keep looping until told otherwise.

i know I need to use overlap events for this but I cant figure out the level streaming part.

1 Move the train but not the player, player shall be static with the ability to move around, on a static base.

2 Spawn a train compartment and move it, spawn another after another, as the character walks around ?

I am not sure if there is an option to make the character slide on the base of the train or not just check it…

I am just trying the help best of luck.

Yeah kinda like that. Never ending train, and it must be seamless.
But how do i spawn new trains is there Way to spawn sublevels, i only know how to load and unload them.