How to create a Player Character that can be controlled by multiple online players?

Hi All,

I have seen multiple posts regarding how to make multiple players controllable by one person but I was curious as to what would be the best way to make one character controllable by multiple players. For example, when the first player logs in, they are able to take control of a tank. They can move and jump. Then, a second player logs on and they can control a gun attached to the tank. Then a third person is able to control a mortar. My initial thought was that the other people would have their own player characters/controllers created that would only have limited functionality and they would be attached to the main tank body in some way. I have been looking at the Multiplayer Shootout example to try and figure this out but I am at a loss. Any ideas for what would be the best route?

Thanks for the time!

Only one controller can posses a pawn at a time in the engine’s game framework. So each controllable piece must be a different character entity attached to the overall tank actor.