How to create a library plugin module with DLLs

I’m attempting to make a module to a library which uses a DLL. From what I’ve read online, most say that the DLLs need to be copied into the project target build directory when using the plugin in-editor. This makes redistribution of the module pretty difficult as users will need to copy the correct platform DLL before the project can successfully load. I’ve also seen a couple posts that recommend delay loading the DLLs and then using platform APIs to load the DLL on the engine’s behalf, but this is fraught with its own issues as the location of the DLLs will be different for editor and package builds.

I see that the build system has the RuntimeDependencies collection which allows specifying DLLs for packaging operations, which is great, but I can’t figure out what the best way for providing for the loading of these DLLs in-editor should be.

Is there something like RuntimeDependencies for when UE4 does editor builds that will automatically copy the DLL into the project build folder next to the exe?

Thanks for any help!