How to create a great terrain?

I’m trying to understand how to create a great and realistic terrain for about a week now. Every day i started and at the end of the day deleted all my work cuz i wasn’t satisfied with the result. The default terrain editor is rubbish, i don’t get how they made all those beautiful tech demos using the erosion tool from UE4, which is the worst one i’ve ever seen. I tried getting World Machine and L3DT heightmaps, but i can’t get the textures to import with them, doing the work manually is not only demanding, but also loses from it’s initial look. Maybe there is a tutorial, i’ve searched across all youtube and found nothing good. Help.

Most of the people are using a combination between the landscape tool in the ue4 and a tool like world machine -> take a look at those videos:

-he shortly explains how epic made the terrain showed in the video:
-how to use world machine terrains: :slight_smile:

Was about to post the same thing as trane, build your outline using the editor, export then import into worldmachine, run a few filtered passes, the re-import. rinse and repeat. the kite demo was created completely in world machine with a few touch ups using the editor. Wish the engine had built in terrain passes like cryengine, but it doesn’t and prolly wont for a long long time.

Also, take a look at the desert scene they showcase in that same video, you’ll realise that a lot of game scenes are just smoke and mirrors