How to convert Payload to static mesh with my code


from my code I set Payload, but I have problem because I don’t know how to set on static mesh.

On Drag Detected

Event On Drag Cancelled

This makes little sense:

  • first you set Payload as Image
  • then you set *the same *Payload as Brush
  • and then you expect the Brush to somehow become a static mesh

If you want the drag Operation to carry a static mesh, give the Payload a static mesh. And once is enough. Also you will need to cast. Just like in the other thread with the image.

Ok if i use static mesh in drag operation how is that possible if i have image in Designer? Is possible add static mesh in Designer?
Now I have image, but as I can see static mesh in Designer not possible add?

Static mesh is a 3d object, umg displays 2d elements - you cannot (easily) display 3d mesh in UMG. It’s doable, look into RenderTargets:

thank you!