How to control vehicles by velocity trace and requested acceleration rather than throttle and brake?


I am over here from the CARLA project because some users over there are having issues with something that is in the unreal codebase.

The way Unreal leverages PhysX to take a throttle and brake input to a vehicle to produce vehicle dynamics is pretty neat, but it lacks flexibility in creating driving scenarios and exercising vehicle control in a modular way that doesn’t require creating a pedal map for every vehicle blueprint you wish to assign a velocity trace to.

Is there any way to take a vehicle actor and apply a command to set the velocity of the vehicle to match a velocity trace, or get the pedal map of an actor vehicle so that the translation can be done from a velocity trace to a throttle/brake control in order to recreate the velocity trace on the actor vehicle? I haven’t found a way to be able to do this in Unreal.