how to connect the object EU4 to imported mesh

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i have question:

I need to connect property EU4 light from the object imported from the max . Although that is needed to connect to the light (for example - spotlight from ue4) which is imported from the baked animation object. I would like to have followed the movement of light flashlight, but i don’t knew what to do :slight_smile: please help or paste some tutorials to similar task.

If you’re animated object is a skeletal mesh you could attach a light to a bone or socket on the model through blueprints

The quickest way is to add a socket to your skeletal mesh inside of UE4 and then attach a light to that socket in Blueprint.


How to attach a Light to a socket on a skeletal Mesh in blueprint?

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i have a problem:

  1. I do animation with mantinee ,
  2. I add anomwany location is manteene , everything animates nicely ,
  3. I have a large number of objects to be moved behind the main subject - a simple mesh objects imported into the content browser,
  4. how to connect to the main object to be visible in manteene animation ( objects follow the main subject ) ?
  5. When I join objects sockte or bone objects move me inside the animated object , and I want that their position has not changed when I join them …

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when i used all tips from this:

i all time our mesh change location to location of sockets… i need to join object in original distance to sockets