How to compare gameplay tags to one another?

Heya, I have gameplayContainer X that I’d like to compare with gameplayContainer Y. I want to see if their ‘team.teamX’ matches. Does anyone know how to check for that?

Essentially I just want to do an “If tag == tag” see if the same ‘team’ tags are checked in my gameplayContainers from this list of tags:


…and for the ‘team’ only, ‘damage’ type should not be considered - in other words, return true only if e.g both actorX and actor Y is set to team.teamA.

Much appreciated, first time using these.

There’s almost definitely a more effective way to do this but I’ve always ended up using a gameplay tag switch to set a variable then just compared the two variables

Thanks, that’s actually better than what I implemented so will change this.

Would you use the same idea to copy team settings as my above gameplay tag container? So if I’d want to do a ‘change X’s team to Y’s team’ sort of thing? The annoying part here could be one would have to clear all the team options, then do a switch to set to Plenty of nodes for something that should be as simple as copy* ->*