How to combine two skeletal meshes in Unreal Engine for proper animation integration?

Hi, so I created a character with a custom skeleton that also wields an object that also has its own skeleton(since the object is thrown in the air and changes shape in the animations). When
importing into Unreal Engine 4.21.2, the object and character become separated due to their two different skeletal hierarchies.

Note: I tried an “Animation Composite” since it allowed me to add the object’s skeleton to the character, but the animation was distorted to only animate the character since it was linked to the character’s skeleton upon import. I reimported the animation to be linked to the object(which now allowed the object to correctly animate but not the character), but was unable to add this to the original animation composite since that animation composite was linked to the character’s skeleton.

You might want to take a look at the Shooter sample project from learning tab to see how they make two separate objects animate together. That project has characters and weapons with their own skeletons and animations. When you fire or reload both objects animate together.