How To Combine A Physics Door With An "Interactable Door" mechanic

Hey all,

So i’ve hit a bit of a stumbling block that I can’t quite figure out.

I’ve got a door blueprint setup to work with physics (Via a Physics Constraint) which will open and close when the player, and the enemies, walk into it.

My issue comes in when I want to close the door afterwards, or even open the door using a key. I’ve got the whole system setup fine so that I can press E on it, and the door will either do the opening action, or the closing action. My issue is what those actions should be.

I’m currently applying a lot of force to the door which will do the correct action, but theirs no real way to lock it in place, additionally the doors fly around everywhere when other characters hit it.

Has anyone else tried doing this before? What sort of solution did you use to do this?