How to choose the audio sources with AudioCapture Plugin ( 4.19 ) ?

Hi, I’m really interested in this new Audio Capture plugin, I’ve been able to use the envelope value in my project to change some parameters, but I’d like to be able to choose the audio source, and possibly use several audio sources at once. I dont really understand how something like the “enumerate audio capture” node could be used for this? I’m just a beginner in UE4, can you help me?

Would you mind posting your blueprints that you’ve got so far? I’m also trying to figure this all out but for whatever reason, my envelope value is always printing zero even though I’ve definitely got my correct mic set to default in my system.

Have you tried to activate the audio engine in “WindowsEngine.ini” in your computer ? it’s located to <location of ue4.19>\Engine\Config\Windows>, you can remplace « XAudio2 » by « AudioMixerXAudio2" on the first line in “AudioDeviceModuleName”. I had the same error and that resolve it.

Sorry for bad english, I’m French …