How to change Timed Particle Effects properties from BP?

I have an “enchant” animation that is applied to a skeletal mesh. This animation currently uses a timed particle effect and I would like to reuse it with different kinds of particle effects according to some blueprint logic. So, in practice, I want to be able to change the PSTemplate, SocketName, LocationOffset and RotationOffset members of the timed particle effect from BP.

I tried inheriting a new BP class from AnimNotifyState_TimedParticleEffect but I can’t access any of those members from it. Is there a way to do that properly? Or should I create a custom Timed Particle Effect BP inheriting from AnimNotifyState myself? In this case, I’m not exactly sure how to recreate such behavior.

If this is only possible from C++, I’d be satisfied as well, but the BP solution is preferred.

Thanks for any help.

The solution was to use a pair of standard Anim Notifies (BeginEffect / EndEffect) and handle the particle spawn and lifetime from a blueprint.