How to change the Enemy's scale when it is squashed by my character?

I currently have a box on my enemy’s head so when my character jump on it’s head (and hit the box ),the enemy can be sqashed. How can I accomplish this?



Quick and easy way to do it,

  1. In your character blueprint select your collision box and add a on component begin overlap event under events. This will create a new overlap event


  1. After that drag from overlapped actor find your main character blueprint and cast to it, in my case the thirdperson character BP is the main character, after that drag from the thirdperson character BP and type set world 3d scale, select that and afterward in an empty space right click and type get character mesh and select get mesh then connect mesh to the target of set world 3d scale and set it to the scale you want. I tested with x1.0 y1.0 z0.2 and it worked perfectly. Just make sure get the correct mesh if your enemy BP has more than 1 mesh.

i would also add that if you want the squish to happen over a given time you could use a timeline. by using a timeline you get a squish effect like seeing the mesh getting smaller. whereas with just the set its more of a pop, one second hes full size then instantly small.