How to change screenshot location?

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know how to change screenshot location of an Unreal Project?
I want to put my game on mobile but then the screenshot isn’t working.

Thank you,

Hey, I’m sorry but I’m not quite sure what you mean by screenshot location, would please explain more?

Without Modifying Engine Source you won’t be able to Save screnshots anywhere except it’s default paths:

In editor: YouProject/Saved/Screenshots

In packaged User/AppData/Local/YourProject/Saved/Screenshots

However there is a way to help with that, but requires C++. (I’ve made a plugin based on solution i came up with, but i ca’n’t give it away)

Hi Night Watcher,

By screenshot location I mean the folder where the screenshot image files are saved.

Hi Holybreath,

By any chance do you know what is the default path for phones?