How to change Materials of an object like wall or furniture - HELP WELCOME


Can anybody help me to know how to create a blueprint to change the materials related to an object like in the 1:30 part of the movie of youtube.

You select a façade, and them you can change materials by clicking on them.

Thank you for the Help

Best regards

I am currently exploring same stuff, and having bunch of problems. I made mistake and started with Dynamic materials, instead using Set Material node.

I would like if someone expand this topic more, and for now here is what I concluded:

-You need to make blueprint for every object that will be changed
-I have made material arrays in Conctruction Script of every object
-Then you make function similar to this one (I am not sure why this one is not working yet when I call it using BPReference in menu widget:


Example you showed is really advanced, and I suggest you to start with more basic stuff.

I strongly recomend this video, it is well worth the time: