How to change Control rotation of a controller.

Im trying to change the control rotation of a controller but it’s always stuck at 0, only the yaw Works.

How to change the control rotation with set control rotation of a control, is there something im doing wrong or is there a way aroun it?

The controller it’s a AI controller

Are you trying to do a offset? Ai seems to always face the direction it walks unless you allow strafing. You’d need to do a event to interp it to rotate to face somthing else. There’s s ton of tutorials on YouTube

What is an offset ? Well if there’s a ton of tutorials link me one :p, im trying to adjust the pitch of it so it can aim Up and down Just like a PlayerController.

I’ve ran out of patience and i made my own view rotation in the General AI controller of my project since Control rotation pitch could not be modified at all :smiley: Works pretty fine