How to cast to mesh object or BP placed in the level

So I want to cast a previous placed manually in the editor actor in the level, not spawned in Event Begin Play or any other event during runtime.
There are also any way to look for especif object in the level by the name, tag or some ID?

I think you can only do that in the level blueprint, the scene outliner on the top right hand side of the screen has a list of all the objects in the level, you can directly drag and drop from that list into the level blueprint.

You can use the “Get All Actors of Class” function in BPs, which will give you an array with all the actors of the specified class in the level.

You should then use a For Each loop to find the one (if you placed more than one of the same actors) you need by some identifier you choose.

Let me know if you need a detailed walkthrough and I’ll post a few screenshots.

Are you sure of that? I have tried and no appears in the destiny BP

Thank you, that works for my pourpose. At the end I have get it sending a message from the actor BP to a replicated variable in MyCharacters in event Begin. Your option is easier. Thank you very much again.

to have “get all actors” working you need to “cast to” the called blueprint from your “get” or “loop” to access its variables /functons / events.