How to calculate the time before the player hits the ground

Hey all, I want to try to get the time until the player hits the ground (from jumping/falling etc)

How would I do this?

Thanks any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

I think OP wants to predict how much time it would take to fall from, let’s say, 14.2m rather than how long the jump has taken after the fact.

@Faze_Kaas - could you clarify?

  • a timer can be used to measure time between Jumped & Landed:

When it comes to prediction, there’s a lot of free fall equations online - what to use and translate into blueprints depends on the circumstances which are not that clear at the moment. Do we care about air friction? Are we jumping vertically only?

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I’m terrible with math (hilarious for a professional programmer, right?) but you can grab the Gravity from UWorld, I believe, and if you do a trace below when you start falling to get the distance, then you can math it out. You may have to account for maximal velocity.

Yeah predicting, I will took into some free fall equations thanks

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Thanks will look into that