How to begin building a human-like AI

Hi guys!

I’ve been trying to watch the video at Complex AI Interactions & Optimization | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube.
However this is too much! A massive project in video format is very hard for me to walk through and understand how to make a “human-like” ai system.

Thus, does anyone have any explanations on how to make it human like? Literally anything, such as “random wait times makes them more human”.

Basically I am overloaded with a massive system that I must build, and I’m not sure how to begin. (I have built a basic system, but it’s very robotic)
I just need a structure idea, I guess.


There are a lot of tutorials around on AI projects that you should be able to find. To make things more random can’t you just throw some random numbers in there? From your random numbers you can also go into different branches on your behaviour tree and give them different actions. The more options you give to something the more random it becomes. Making something more “Human” is entirely up to you what you want that to be like. Humans normally don’t go and stand somewhere and wait a random amount of time, normally they go to a place to actually do something, so personally thats the behaviour I would be trying to do, is give Tasks for people to do and places to go to do it.

You could make a system where each AI has one of a few personallities that has all the instructions for how the AI will react to different situations it encounter.
That would make it a bit simpler.
You could allso have a some stats for the reaction, speed, thoughness and so on of each of the AI characters to make them a bit different when they do react to the situation…

Just some suggestions…
Hope it helps… :slight_smile: