How to avoid Visual Studio detaching when opening existing project?

I have downloaded requirements, cloned the source, generated projects, and built the editor (development editor mode, Win64)
I have also run Engine/Binaries/Win64/UnrealVersionSelector-Win64-Shippping.exe from the command line.
When I start the editor is Visual Studio, it’s attached as debugger.
However, when I select an existing project in the project selector window that shows up on start (the project was previously built with the pre-built version of the engine) and open it, Visual Studio detaches, and a new copy of the engine opens the project.
How can I make the instance that I’m debugging in Visual Studio be the one that opens a project?

There are several different approaches:

  • You can check the ‘always open this project’ checkbox, and on subsequent debugger runs it will launch directly into the project.
  • You can specify the full path to the .uproject on the debug command line as the first argument.
  • You can re-attach the debugger to the editor after choosing a project

Michael Noland

Thanks! Attaching after the fact works great for normal use. I guess if I need to start with graphics debugging, I’ll start with a specific project on the command line.

So, while we’re at it, is there an easy way to make the editor not start the launcher each time it’s started?

Good question. For now I let it open all the time in reduced mode.