how to avoid re-download of the entire engine ?

hello, the last weekend i have made some maintenance to my computer, i have format my hard disk and reinstalled my windows 7 O.S., before that i have copied all the Unreal engine 4 folder and the Unreal Projects Folder to another folder on my second hard disk, (i have made this to avoid the re-download of the entire engine)

when i have put all in place i have reinstalled the unreal launcher, it has sync my account and when it began to download the engine i have close the unreal launcher and have copied all the files for the Unreal engine 4 on my second hard drive to the actual locations on my hard drive c, when i have started the launcher again, the launcher was not aware that all the files were in place, instead of that the launcher has download all the engine and samples files again and has put in a folder called backup the old ones that i have copied from the second hard drive to the install location.

just to make it clear my files on the second hard drive were already updated to 4.0.2, why if i have already the files updated to the last version the launcher didn’t recognize them ?

what i need to do to avoid the re-downloading the entire engine on this case ?

thanks in advance for all the help.

You needed the folder from C:\ProgramData\Epic as well :\ If you don’t have that it doesn’t realise it’s been downloaded, if you can’t get that back then as far as I know there’s not much you can do :\

thanks for the info leonn3k, i didn’t realize that there is a folder for the Unreal on the ProgramData Folder. thank you