How to avoid destructible actor to be fractured on player touch?

hello, just wondering how can i avoid that a destructible actor to be destroyed on player’s touch, i mean, i don’t want to destroy/fracture the destructible when the player is dear of the destructuble or touching it.

i’m working on a tps game and the player must check a grave, that must be destroyed be a big stone to let the player check what is inside, so far, i got it working the part of the stone breaking the grave top, applying damage when the stone falls, but the problem is that if i go close to de grave to check the grave, the player hits the destructible and it begins to fracture.

i searched on google, but so far i found an article where a person said to use two objects to avoid this problem, a static mesh and the destructible and swap the static mesh for the destructible when its needed, i know this is a workaround, but i am just wondering how to do it in the right way.

thanks in advance for all the help.