How to automatically stop matinee video rendering at end of animation

Hi guys, so I have a simple blue print that enters the game so I can record my camera animation. I’m using the movie button in the top right of the matinee window, the only problem is when the animation finishes playing the recording continues and I have to manually exit the recording window to make it stop.

Is there something I can add to the blueprint so when it reaches the end it stops recording, what is the proper workflow for recording videos. Surely it’s not to have the artist watch it frame by frame and close the window just at the right time.

Here is a screenshot of my blueprint.


Hi Malcolm -

You can setup a Matinee Controller Node which by default only has a Finished output which you can connect to a Execute Console Command Quit. This should automatically close the movie rendering when the end of the Matinee has been reached.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum


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