How to attach a weapon into specific animations eg. Rifle_Run, RIfle_Idle using a Mixamo character

Hi. I get how to set up sockets. The problem I’m facing is this:
I have imported a Mixamo character into Unreal. That character has a blueprint with all the appropriate components setup eg. CapsuleComponent, ArrowComponent, Mesh, CameraBoom, etc.
This character has a skeletal mesh to which I have attached a socket to the right hand.

I have also imported a number of Mixamo animations eg. Idle, Walk, Run. And I have imported the equivalent animations but with holding a rifle - Idle_Rifle, Walk_Rifle, Run_Rifle.

When the “Shift” key is pressed the character holds the weapon and the weapon animation sequences take over via an Animation Blueprint.

The problem I am unsure how to resolve is how to have the weapon positioned appropriately in the “Rifle” animations.

For example in the “Idle_Rifle” animation the weapon is pointing down toward the ground whereas in the “Rifle_Run” animation the rifle is in a shooting position.

I have watched a few tutorials on this and most demonstrate how via the character blueprint the weapon can be attached to the socket. But this method seems to be only useful if the character has one pose.

And the other question I had relates to the animation blueprint. I have a “hasWeapon” boolean that is true when the “shift” key is pressed and when this happens the rifle animations appear - this works fine but just not sure again how to get the weapon into the appropriate position for each specific animation once the shift key is pressed.

Advice would be great.