How to attach a SoundCue to an Animation?

hi there,

so far i could handle it to export an animation from Blender to Unreal. Its a simple cube turning around and moving along a nurbsPath.
It is moving =)

Now i would like to add a SoundCue and attach it to the cube.
I made the SoundCue work through a TriggerVolume.

i want the SoundCue OR the TriggerVolume to be attached to the moving animated cube.
This aint working!

What should i do?

Right click the cube, convert it to a Blueprint, add a Audio Component, add the soundcue to the audio component. Disable auto play, instead play it when the player triggers the volume. You can add a volume to the cube blueprint too, or right click the volume and click Add Event OnBeginOverlap, which adds nodes to the Level Blueprint. This needs basic understanding on blueprints, there are probably many video tutorials for things like this.