How to attach a pawn to a different pawn socket?

Hi everyone,

This may be a complete newbie question but how would I go about attaching one pawn (A) to a different pawn’s (B) head socket? I want to make it so that the rotation and position of pawn A is constrained to pawn B during runtime. I am very new to Unreal blueprints so I would greatly appreciate the community’s expertise! Thanks.

Its a node AttachTo with following parameters :

Target : the pawn you are trying to attach
Parent : The pawn you want to use base for your target pawn
Socket/Bone name : Socket bone name on the pawn mesh you want to attach to , none means attach to location of the pawn (i.e where you see the xyx moving gizmo)

Thank you for your prompt and detailed response! So, the AttachTo node would belong in pawn A’s blueprint?

Under the Parent option for the AttachTo node it is asking for a scene component. How can I reference the other pawn in this case?