How to assign HUD in blueprint

i have two HUD blueprint please help how to assign HUD , do i need to do this in mygame blueprint or level blueprint ?



If you want it easy and dirty way then set the standard hud. Then create a Widget, Name it like you want f.e. myhud. Then in your character Blueprint use: begin play >create Widget>add to Viewport.

Now you should see your hud. Sorry for no Pics but I write with my mobile.
If you ned some more help I will try to show you a Blueprint when I’m back at home

here is YT tutorial:

and here is written tutorial for basic setup:

"11. Drag off the Event Begin play then add a Create Widget node with Class set to your HUD Widget Blueprint. "
is part you should look at.

In case you do not want to use UMG:
Unreal has 2 different HUD systems, one is HUD (that you looked at) second is UMG (quite advanced and complicated, but powerfull)
HUD is old and simple way of making hud for unreal, this is basically overlay that you can draw on and type text. It is hard to find tutorials for it, everything is overshadowed by countless UMG tutorials. Unless you have some specific needs and reasons to use old HUD system i suggest you work with UMG.

For more tutorials just google UMG + unreal