How to assign actor to a track of Matinee at runtime?


I have a question. In UDK, it’s possible to assign object variable indicating Actor to a track of Matinee like the following picture.


But, in Rocket, I didn’t see a such variable connector on the Play box in BluePrint. When I’d like to change assignment on Rocket editor or at runtime, what should I do?

Kazuhisa Minato.

Hi Kazuhisa,

I have investigated into this issue and can confirm that this function is not currently available in Rocket as it was in UE3. There are plans for completely overhauling the matinee editor, so I have created a feature request to make sure that this brought back in. If you can describe exactly what you are trying to do, I would be happy to help you find a work around.

Thank you,


Hi Alexander,

Thank you for your reply. I’m going to explain what I tried to do. First, I added temporary InterpActors to a level, added MatineeActor and created Tracks on MatineeEditor for the temporary InterpActors. Next, I imported new assets and wanted to replace temporary InterpActors with new assets. But, I found that Blueprint didn’t provide connectors to link Actors on the level to tracks in Matinee data.

Maybe it isn’t very important to assign Actors to Matinee data at runtime. But, if I can’t re-assign Actors to Matinee data on Rocket editor, it’s very difficult to use Matinee. I’d like to use temporary actors on Matinee and re-use a part of Matinee tracks for other scenes.

Best Regards,

Kazuhisa Minato

I have been attempting to find a work-around for this, but unfortunately it looks like the feature will have to be added in. I have made the request so that you can replace the actors in the editor and have them follow the same matinee commands. I hope to see this resolved soon. Until then, if there is anything else that we can assist you with, please let us know.

Thank you,