How to animate multiple meshes on one character using a single skeleton?

In my game I have a character that is composed of several separate meshes such as hair, head, pants, shirt, shoes, etc. I have a few idle animations that are played at random. All of the meshes are using the same skeleton currently. I have an animation blueprint for that skeleton that calls the idle animations. When the animations play, each mesh ends up playing a different idle animation. The shirt will do Idle1 while the pants are playing Idle3 and whatnot.

What I would like to be able to do is have all of the meshes on the same skeleton play the same animation with the animation blueprint that I have. How can I do this?

This has been asked & answered on several occaisions.
There is even an old wiki entry on the subject.
Search is your friend :cool:.

But anyway… you are looking for SetMasterPoseComponent.

I’m just adding this here to remeber this thread.

Thanks Kris, it the SetMasterPoseComponent worked. I’ve seen it before but was unsure if it was actually what I needed. It works great though.

As a quick note I couldn’t get it to work in the Construction BP, but it works fine in the regular BP for my character. I just call it on BeginPlay.

Hey kris, how to randomise the animations between the meshes? like for example there are two characters using same AI in the character blueprint. So how do I randomize them instead of in sync animations?