How to allow players to add custom maps?

For my game, I would like to allow my players to build and include custom maps.

I haven’t started experimenting yet with how it can be implemented, but could somebody give me any pointers before I get in to it?

I’m thinking of created a content package that has all my assets I want to make available for them. They then use UE4 to create a map and then save the map in a custom maps folder of the main games directory.

Inside the game, I would need some way to search for umap files in that custom maps folder they are going to live.

Will this actually work? Can a UE4 game even reference and use a map that was created somewhere else, provided it’s using the same assets? Or will they need to do some kind of build/packaging?

Any other obstacles you can point out? I imagine once I’ve got the basic system in place, I would need to do some validation checks to make sure the map is actually valid for the game.

I’m also a C++ programmer, so I’ll likely have a go at both a C++ and a Blueprint implementation or a combination of both, and see which one works out best.

Thanks :slight_smile: