How to Align editor view with an actor and vice versa

Thanks for reading, I am attempting to align my editor’s view with actors in my level to see from the actor’s perspective. There are also times when I am attempting to set the actor’s alignment to the alignment of my editor’s viewport so that I can perfectly line up what the actor should see. How can i achieve this in UE5?

Post a [Feature Request] in the feedback area. I assume you’re talking about getting a viewport view of something like a metahuman character to check what they’re seeing and to position head, etc for animation? I’ve requested this along with the ability to reference this location (eyes) for camera tracking and focus. With root motion and pivot point at the feet of humanoid characters, these features are currently worthless. Regardless - post a request if you wish for something. The more of the same request, the more likely it might happen.

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