How to adjust the height of the weapon in the FPS Blueprint Template?

hi to the community!

i decided to use the “first person bp template”.

when i tried to adust the character-mesh and the camera position to my character-reference 36 x 36 x 97.125 uu,
i got nearly good results, but the weapon is placed into the starting position.

is there an way to adjust the size (height) of the character with the old, correct behaviour?

thanks a lot for an answer :slight_smile:



Using the First Person Blueprint Template, if you are looking to adjust the height of the projectile that spawns, increase the Z value for the Gun Offset variable, that should do the trick.


hi wes,

thank you very much for your reply!

i´ll tweak around :slight_smile:

and by the way:
i´m very impressed by this forum…
such an quick answer :slight_smile:

have a nice week!