How to adjust textures direct in UE

Hi guys, I’m very new with UE. I’m looking for how to adjust textures direct in UE ( Look development ways )

For example:
I got 4 commons type of textures like Albedo, Roughness, Normal, Metallic and I want adjust each of them direct in UE without going back to the texture software.

and in my case i need to:
. . . change Albedo a bit. . . ( hue / saturation/ brighness )
. . . change Roughness a bit. . . ( a bit glossy or more rough )
. . . change Normals a bit stronger or weaker…
. . . change Metallic a bit less Metal or Non Metal
and much more . . . .

Thanks for your advices

All of this can be done in the material shader, and that’s the best place for it. Because you can fix it to look good on each object you apply the material to, not just one big fix directly to the texture.

Albedo: Saturation node, power node ( for brightness )
Roughness: Standard fix in the material with a multply node
Normals: Flatten normal node ( goes both ways )
Metallic: Same as roughness

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Great information! i can start research from here
Thanks again :slight_smile:

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