How to adjust character movement on z,x,y-axises?

Hi guys, Im a beginer developer and I have a question:
how to adjust the z-axis character movement? I need that character could move on z,x, and y axis (y-axis will be jump, x-axis will be left/right, z-axis will be forward/back) and I need a help in setting.

Hi man, is a bit too vague for getting an answer!

you can set the location of pawns and actors using the node “Set location” or “add local location” ,
or you can use one of the “move components” adding this component to the actor-or pawn , in the same way you add a static mesh to an actor or pawn.

You need to set up the unreal-input for your player, or directly use keyevent in the actor/pawn (you need to enable the input , or possess the pawn too)

Hi, man! Do you know Escapists 2? I want to do movement as in Escapists 2, i.e. I want to tap on W and character go up z-axis, I want to tap on A and character go left x-axis

Here a cool simple video about setting the Input for the 2D unreal Take a look